The Hill Where I Lose You–a poem for Jonathan & Kitty

A standard-issue Wisconsin limestone bluff—
Dramatic, beautiful, and mostly in the way.
In the winter it grows these glaciers, and they’re tough—
They don’t completely melt until May
Most years. It’s where I lose your signal, just when
I need it most, commuting to Richland Center
For work. Oh sure, I could log on once I’m there,
But there’s this chasm where I lose what I intend,
For I am often addle-pated, all aflutter in the face
Of the ordinary stresses of an ordinary day….
I don’t know what I’m thinking you can do.
Would one a them HD radios do any good?
Do you have one lying around you could send?
Just know I’m driving west and missing you.




I truly love the radio station 1055 Triple M out of Madison. I’ve listened to Jonathan & Kitty for a lotta lotta years. I wish I could listen all the way to work. But I can’t. I have all the sad for this.

3 responses to “The Hill Where I Lose You–a poem for Jonathan & Kitty

  1. That reminds me of my own morning duo I listen to until I lose their signal as well. Bob Lacey and Sheri Lynch are my morning must haves and i listen to them as long as I can until I lose their signal somewhere close to Florence. They are no longer on 105.5 FM and the Fayetteville station fades out when I get close to I-95. Then I am forced to turn it to one of my other favorites, Robert D. Raiford and The John Boy and Billy Big Show. After Mr. Raiford’s commentary ends, I usually turn my cd player and rock out to ole school Peter Frampton, The Beatles, or Sting and/or The Police. Years ago I used to listen to Howard Stern when he and Robin Quivers were on one of the stations from Myrtle Beach. I still miss them the most…

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  3. It’s very interesting to me that Word Press has decided that my follow up post was actually posting a comment on this poem. I’ve always told students that poems talk to each other, but this is ridiculous. I wonder what they say about me when I’m not looking.

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