God of Monday Morning


God of running just a little late,
Of the scraping of windshields, another month at least—
Of I cannot wear the shoes that are perfect for this outfit
(the shoe repair I paid good money for didn’t last)—
God of where the hell did the weekend go?
Those hours that stretched so wide and open Friday night—
They dried up and blew away, went down the drain—
I must not have planned each hour exactly right—
I had some fun, I got a few things done
And yet I start the work week just as behind
As ever, always, apparently eternally I am—
Compared to everyone else’s current shitstorm
I know I’m lucky. I know I’m whining and
I do praise God that some days, this is as bad as it gets.
And yet, dear God, what if this is as good as it gets?

3 responses to “God of Monday Morning

  1. Mrs. D.,
    I am sitting here applauding you! Thank you for perfectly capturing the post weekend mood of another perfectly planned weekend gone astray. I can so relate to your plight of having post weekend angst after I have another one not go as planned. Enjoy and savor every second of today, even the not so wonderful aspects of it. None of us are promised tomorrow and yesterday is merely a memory. Now is all we have for sure.
    Please take care,

  2. Oh, Marnie. This one made me cry. Thank you.

  3. I’m writing my own book of Psalms. This was in the complaining category of the basic “how long, o lord, how long” kind of psalm. Next week: a cursing psalm. 🙂

    I’m glad you guys liked it.

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