Yes. No–wait. Sorry. (Two Sonnets)

I work 50-60 hours a week.

No–wait. Sorry. I don’t. Next question.

I think everyone should work as hard as I

Oh, 40-45. On average. Whatever.

Work. We have to pull together like a family

Have I ever told you about my father’s father?

Where everyone pulls their share. It’s only right.

He sold family land and drank the profits down.

The world is such a mess. So much to do.

Compared to that, I’m like the Queen of All

Community doesn’t just happen out of the blue.

That’s right and good. I believe in good enough.

You have to make it, have to have been the one

Yea, verily, I sure do reap all kinds of stuff

To have built it before you can say you’re living in

Wherein I did not sow. I’m really horrible,

Community. I mean at home, at work,

I know. I’m doing the best I can. Or–no–

And locally. Where you shop and what

It’s like my Dad says, “I do good work when I do it.”

You eat and whether you go door to door

I’d almost always rather just stay at home.

For the community-based candidate

But there are some groups and people I support.

Of your choice. Oh sure, I have a lot of fun.

When I can get up off my fat white ass

I just joined a handbell choir, for one.

It’s like a Christmas miracle has come to pass.

9 responses to “Yes. No–wait. Sorry. (Two Sonnets)

  1. Fantastic.

  2. Totally cool! Definite two thumbs up on these…

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