I Almost Forgot

To make my son’s lunch this morning. Just in time
I remembered, but it’s a pitiful meal on account of
I forgot to get more beef sticks and he’s denied
Oreos (mean of me, he has serious Oreo love)

Because yesterday that was all he ate
And the turkey and spinach I sent today
May travel home uneaten. He can’t do hot lunch
At school—too many allergies to trust

The menu there. Also I almost forgot,
But often in the morning dark I think of it,
That peeling carrots, tucking in a juice box,
Checking to see if the banana is ripe

Enough but not too ripe…. Oh, pickiness!
Diurnally this task is a blessing in my life.

One response to “I Almost Forgot

  1. Poor Wendell! I hope he finally got his Oreo fix for today…I ate peanut butter and grape jelly sandwiches for years at lunchtime, It is a miracle that my son wasn’t born with the Jiff Peanut Butter label firmly attached to his forehead…LOL…Please tell Wendell that great minds think alike…My lifelong love affair with Oreos really went mainstream when they introduced Double Stuffed Oreos to the American market..May have to make an Oreo run later today myself.,…

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