Two Week Sonnet, Week Two Begins

Riding the line between abundance and chaos,
My stupid focus is on lack, lack, lack.
I try gratitude, but follow the switchback
Back toward loud whiny-assedness:
Too much. Too much! There really ought to be less
Except of course when there needs to be much more.
A good friend named my mountain bike “Pathfinder”–
However much I blazed my way off trail


Wondering about “blazed,” if it’s a cliche, given “trailblazer” as a really common concept. Will consider that today.

What I’ve been doing in the blog as I’m writing this two-week sonnet, one line a day (and I really haven’t let myself anticipate much, although I am wondering if I’ll tell the story of riding into Thompson Lake at SIU when I blazed off the trail there) is sort of written-out/online version of what is called a “think aloud,” which I learned from Lendol Calder, a genuinely inspiring guy.

[Description of the first seven days can be found here.]

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