Faithless Delegate, Brokered Heart

Being a battleground state is exhausting.
My red counties, my blue counties,
my precincts, my wards–they spar and spit
at each other, they tally slights, they want revenge.

The answer to Rodney King’s question is simply we can’t
get along. We don’t even all
get to vote, and still the turnout is huger
than it has been since the early 70s. But

when it comes right down to the chad of it,
my brain and all my good habits
don’t stand a fucking chance against
the power of illogic. This panic attack

is a faithless delegate on the convention floor,
voting for whomever he pleases,
my heart littered with campaign trash. I won’t
demand a recount. I just want everything quiet again.


One response to “Faithless Delegate, Brokered Heart

  1. AMEN! I am so sick and tired of all of the political wrangling and mud slinging. We still have some seven months and counting before the election and I cringe whenever I see or hear any political commercials. I know some people who have lost friends because of this debacle. I could care less who does or does not support a certain party’s candidate. Opinions are like rear ends. Everyone has one and no two are exactly alike. All that matters is that we get out and vote when the time comes, no matter the outcome.

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